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Terms & Conditions

The access to our Academy/Institute’s service is governed by the following Terms and Conditions


1) The decision of this Academy/Institute is purely based on the information you provide in your application form. If the Academy/Institute shall find that you have made a false statement, or have left out significant information, it reserves the right to either disqualify your application or to suspend you from applying again and reserve the right to take on further steps deemed appropriate. The decision to deny admission might also be based on collective decision of the Institute’s Board, even though the information provided is correct.

2) Confirmation of admission means that a seat has been blocked for the respective student in the Academy/Institute. The student is expected to honor this opportunity from Allah and make wise use of it in learning Qu’ran.


The fee charged for courses are very nominal and are for maintaining the entire study system which includes technical expenses, salaries of workers and other related maintenance.

1) Any fee payments made to the Academy/Institute, be it course fees or ANY Application Processing Fees is Non Refundable due to the modest fees we charge and because reversing the transactions consume both resources and time.

2) The payment is also Non Refundable in cases where the candidate decides to opt out from the course in between. This is precisely why we devised a monthly payment system so that those who change their decisions instantly will just have to forgo one months fee only.

3) The Academy/Institute reserves the right to increase the fee at any point during the course of your study. The intimation of the same will however be given one month in advance. The Board’s decision of increasing the fee is only made when the current fee structure is unable to cater to the ever increasing expenses of our study system.

4) Every student shall pay their respective monthly fee on or before 10th of every month. Failing to do so shall result in cancellation of admission without prior notice. Only under extreme circumstances, prior intimation maybe given to the Academy/Institute administrator (referred as admin), who (on your behalf) shall seek extra time from the Finance department.

5) A student may choose to leave the Academy/Institute in any month. However, prior intimation must be given to the management at least 1 week in advance, before the end of the month. Only upon 1 week prior intimation before the end of the month, the student is not liable to pay the fee for the next month. If the student fails to intimate the Admin and instead informs after a particular month has started, then he is obligated to pay the fee for that month. This is an important to rule to reduce the financial losses and burden on the Academy/Institute.

6) Every student who has been admitted to a particular batch, shall continue to pay the monthly fee even if he/she takes temporary break from classes (ex: 1 week, 2 weeks etc). This is because the seats in our Academy/Institute are limited and each batch has a particular capacity. Confirmation of your admission means that a seat has been blocked for you till you pay the monthly fee. Blocking the seat as well as not paying the fee will only result in financial problems to the Academy. As a responsible Muslim, we expect you to understand this clause well.

Therefore, you are requested to understand the policies and requirements clearly before proceeding with the payment.

Our payment system does not allow us to reverse the transaction, so make sure you pay only when you are sure not to back out.


At this Academy/Institute, we expect every student to be punctual and regular to the classes. The attendance should not fall below 80% in any given month. Failing to do so, the admission will be revoked based on the decision of the admin. Only under special circumstances and on prior intimation, the student shall be granted concession.